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We are Constantine Corp an Employment agency

About Us

We solve the unsolvable problems with staffing your workforce and
eliminating performance challenges

Corporate Overview

At Constantine Corp, we’re 100% committed to delivering expert workforce management support and staffing services for small to large-scale enterprise processes across the globe. With our 20 years of experience and our state of the art cognitive insight A.I systems, we have combined our complex logic & deep learning with your process for grantee first time results. This has changed our clients experience with staffing completely! Our commitment is to increase of your work production, improved financial performance, and a decline in time spent on loss labor hours within your organization. https://www.constantine-corp.com/contact-us/

From identifying the right employees for your organization to optimizing your current talent with ongoing support to achieve your growth benchmarks, we are committed to maximizing your ROI through sustainable workforce solutions that help your business grow and thrive.

Our team of consultants is poised to improve your business processes and outcomes by leveraging our deep industry expertise and a commitment to integrity, collaboration, accountability, and unmatched performance.

No matter what industry you are in and whether you are looking for a short-term solution to the highest- quality direct hire, temp to hire, long and short term contract services in every market we serve you!.

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Leadership Team


Fransis Arslan

Financial Controller

Elena Avery

Human Resources Director

Christy Collins

VP of Strategic partnerships

Kelly Wang

Project Director, Monitoring

Sekhar Bukhari

CIO & Practice Area Lead

Asada Harris

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Smith

IT Strategist, Systems Engineer

Tashuna Silva

Facility Security Officer VP

Victor Ohlen

VP of corporate Development,

Jeriel C Brown

President & CEO